About Lisa


Lisa brings in an intuitive caring presence to her sessions using an integrative approach
assisting and educating individuals in their journey to well-being. She has assisted thousands of clients to live a more empowered life, gifted to help others awaken their own abilities to help the healing process and find inner peace.

Her passion is to empower individuals to find their joy, to discover their own light, & to live a more authentic life. Experiences with Lisa help integrate our various self’s, through insight and support, allowing past beliefs and traumas to transform to resilience, vitality, courage and balance.

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Lisa brings to her practice a background with 18 years of private practice, as well as 15 years of teaching Polarity Therapy and Massage at Spa Tech Institute. She cofounded Holistic Energy School in Salem, MA and was a previous owner and instructor.  She began her journey to understanding alternative health models when she attained her master certification in Reiki. Shortly thereafter, Lisa received Massage and Polarity certifications, as well as the RYSE teacher-training certificate, at Spa Tech Institute (formerly Polarity Realization Institute).

She then went on to receive three levels of certification in Dr. Chikly’s Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy.  Lisa is also trained in Ayurvedic nutrition and raw foods. These studies gave Lisa a deeper understanding of how the play of energy is involved in every part of the human experience, as well as how the energy can remain trapped in the musculature and tissue.

By working with energy, it gives insight into how blockages cause illness and emotional distress. When freed, it allows the person to come back to center, to be empowered, and to have more energy, vitality and clarity.  Massage training was specific in understanding the anatomy of the body, which enhances her energy work.